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3 in 1 Solar Camping String Lights

3 in 1 Solar Camping String Lights

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  • Feature
  • ✅All-in-one: Lighting+ Atmosphere+ SOS
  • ✅Solar charging, Eco-friendly choice
  • ✅3600mAh large battery capacity
  • ✅Act as a power bank to charge devices
  • ✅No Knots, Easy to use and store
  • ✅IP67 Waterproof
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Your Best Companion In Outdoor Camping Activities✨

Setting up a tent outdoors, eating delicious food, and admiring the beautiful scenery makes people yearn for it just thinking about it. To create a good atmosphere, a DIY ambient light that can be used in multiple scenes is essential.
iToolMax solar-powered camping light cleverly adopts the design of camping light + ambient light + emergency light, solving all your camping or travel needs in one place!

Camping light + Ambient light + Emergency light 3-In-1 Design💡

Built-in 40inch (10m) leather cord light strip can create vehicle atmosphere lights, canopy atmosphere lights, tent decoration atmosphere lights, enclosure atmosphere lights and other scenes.
There is also a red line reminder at the end of the light strip, which can effectively prevent it from being torn. Shake the device to quickly recycle the light strip, saving effort and worry.

Solar Charging, Used as a Power Bank🔋

Solar camping light is equipped with an upgraded solar panel and a built-in 3600mAh large-capacity battery. The battery life after a full charge is up to 8-12h, No need to worry about frequent battery replacement to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

It can also be used as a power bank. You can charge your device at any time during outdoor activities to ensure your safe connection with the outside world.

No Knots, Easy To Use

Compared with the trouble of traditional light strings knotting into piles, our light strings can quickly shrink in 30 seconds and does not take up any space.

Save yourself the trouble of managing lamps and achieve the combination of functionality and convenience.

IP67 Waterproof

The camping light features an IP67 waterproof design and durable light strip that can withstand a variety of harsh environments, No fear of any thunderstorm weather.

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Charlie Ginther
Nice handy light for Camping

This light really comes in handy for some extra light around the campsite, on a canopy or on/in a tent, the light string winds up inside of it, it's rechargeable by included usb type C cord, has different light settings, steady on, blinking, flashing

The best I've used

I live to have fairy lights at my campsite, but they have always been a hassle to use. With this neat little light I can put them up and take them down in a breeze. There really hasn't been any other this convenient and compact to use. The battery life is okay, it should last several hours before you need to charge them up again. The added hook at the end of the lights make anchoring easy and rolling them up is a lot of fun!

Anthony Pontarelli
Super fun, compact and versatile.

I absolutely love this light. Its very compact and light and easy to use. Every time I use Im amazed at how much light line is actually in this small container. Ive been bringing it to neighborhood campfires and setting it up around the trees. Where we sit and watch the fire, and everyone is amazed at how much light is in such a small package. There are multiple options like blinking and pulsing and just straight on or off. The batteries last quite a long time. Im not sure how long because I have not yet had to recharge it and have used it several times. I find myself looking for excuses and situations to use it. Its a great value for the price.

This is so freaking cool!!

I really love this! it charges quickly I can pull it out and then I wind it right back up it's waterproof I wouldn't necessarily submerge the whole thing but if you got it out and it starts raining I think it will be fine. the lights actually lost a long time I had them on at night and then fell asleep and they were still on when I woke up. great gift idea for family or friends I think that you can decorate our use then to light a path way inside or outside with this.

I love these beautiful string lights for camping - the perfect glowing ambiance at night

This is one of my favorite Amazon items so far. This is so clever and well designed. The nearly 33ft string lights pull easily from the wound spool inside the main light and the wire is so thin and strong! Unlike other lights that stick out from the wire, these lights are embedded along the wire for a smooth and easy movement, pulling out of the case, and back in. Just reel them in like a fishing pole and it couldnt be easier. No tangles!

The string lights give a golden glow with several flash modes. They feel like fairy lights around camp but you can use them for a lot of different things. So compact and so special! I like these a lot!

Warm long lasting light, a must have for camping / backpacking

Love this light. Used it for 3 nights and still have plenty of juice left.
Small, surprisingly long, easy to unwind, warm light and just the perfect brightness for the outdoor.
Will buy another unit here soon.


I had wanted one of these for awhile. None of them had the reel in feature. Mostly were stuff in a bag style. This product has a seamless crank in feature. The product line feel delicate, and is not something I would leave up. However, for an evening on the back deck, this is the prefect product. One feature which was not apparent in the ad is, once you have the 32 feet (yep) of lights extended, there is still an additional light in base which you can turn on. Very helpful when cranking the lights away. The one pro tip is, the end attachment (pic 4) is a little hook, which you can wrap around something and clip in back on the light string. However, sometimes, you need to clip it to a curtain or tent. So, carry a little office black clip. It hooks perfect in the products built in and allows more versatile usage. Very happy with this product and gave it five stars.

W. Wells
Nice, long decorative light string for camping.

We camp frequently in the warmer months, so when we saw this new style camping lights string on iToolMax, we could immediately see the benefit. We used these lights to dress up the interior of our tent and they definitely made it look and feel more warm and inviting. They were easy to work with too.

That said, most tents aren't designed with built-in spots for you to hook the long string of lights to the inside walls so you are going to have to innovate. The pic attached shows my first attempt. I think I will try doing it differently when we go back out in 2 weeks. We will just keep experimenting to see what patterns we can get from it, and eventually we'll settle on what we like best. A+

UPDATE: (added a 2nd pic) Took these out again on two more trips and they're still a big hit. I think I found a better way to run them around the ceiling so that they don't droop and get in my way when I'm moving around along the sides of the tent (I'm tall enough that my head nearly touches the roof of the tent where it touches the sides.) I found that using a built-in gear suspension point at the top-center of the tent to route through helps keep the light string where you want it and there are fiberglass support poles not far from the top of each wall in our Gazelle tent which let me look it around then run it back up to the top-center and down another spine. It produces nice even light.

Sam Johnson
Cute Camping Lamp

This is a really nice lamp. I'm excited to get out and use it this summer and fall. It consists of two lights, one is a string of LED's that is over 30ft long, and the other is a central hub light. You can run them both together or separately. The string of lights also has a mode where it pulses in brightness, and a chase sequence.

I can't speak for the long-term durability of the LED string, but it was easy to unwind and wind it back up. The unit charges via a USB-C port in the back. It appears that you can charge it and use it at the same time, so couple it with a USB battery pack for an even longer runtime.

Overall, this is great, and I'm excited to use it. with a tent or canopy.