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Effortless Furniture Mover Kit™

Effortless Furniture Mover Kit™

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A Good Helper for Moving Furniture and Cleaning

Are you still worrying about moving furniture? Using this heavy-duty furniture lift with wheels, you can easily slide furniture from one place to another and rearrange your home or office. It's that simple.

Effortless Furniture Mover Kit

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Join thousands of homeowners, cleaners, and home improvement enthusiasts as they gain independence and transform their homes. This must-have tool redefines what moving furniture means, making moving simple and painless. Forget the expense of professional movers or the risk of injury - our easy furniture mover kits allow you to remodel your living space and make deep cleaning easier than ever.

Effortless Furniture Mover Kit


✅ Rearrange furniture at any time
✅ Save $1000 on moving costs

✅ 180 degree adjustable pry bar head
✅ 360 degree rotatable slider
✅ Easy deep cleaning
✅ No back and knee pain
✅ Suitable for carpet
✅Easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
✅ 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

  • 【Protect Your Back and Knees】

    This tool ensures you can move furniture safely and easily, prioritizing your health while ensuring safety. Gives you the peace of mind that you don't have to worry about hurting yourself or scratching your floors. Experience the ease of moving furniture without the fear of injury by using our Easy Furniture Moving Kit.

  • 【Utility and Safe Moving Tools】

    Insert the lifting crowbar into the bottom of the furniture. Use the principle of leverage. You can easily lift one side of the furniture; then put the pulley under the foot of the furniture. When all 4-foot pieces of furniture have pulleys, you can easily move them to new locations. One person can deal with it easily. Even ladies can easily operate.

  • 【High-Quality Material Furniture Dolly Wheels】

    t is absolutely the first consideration to ensure that the furniture and floor are not damaged. The furniture lifting crowbar is made of durable steel, coated with PVC handles, and has a non-slip design. The surface of the 4 sliding rails is made of sturdy ABS plastic, which will not damage the furniture. Each slide is inlaid with 4 universal wheels, a total of 16 universal wheels, flexible and durable, and rubber wheels will not damage the floor.

  • 【Package】

    Material: Carbon Steel, ABS
    Product Color: Blue
    Weight: Approx. 930g / 32.8oz
    Product Size: Approx. 33x6.5x4cm / 13.0x2.6x1.6in
    Package List:4 x Wheeled Mover Rollers
    1 x Wheel Bar

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

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Lloyd Kohler

good product

Fernando Nienow


Braxton Blick

good product.

Suzanne Roob

Arrived, thanks!

Queenie McCullough

OK. Serves quite well to move heavy furniture.

Carissa Oberbrunner

Seller complied with the deadline. Product well packed. Recommend this seller.

Cleve Schneider

Everything correct, like the photo

Donnell Green


Aniya Kiehn

Perfect. I ordered more than one

Orlo Schmeler

Great shippers!