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Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

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  • Feature
  • ✅ For all your vacuum sealing needs
  • ✅ Extend 10X Longer Freshness & Money Saver
  • ✅ Simple one-button operation—a breeze for everyone
  • ✅ Reseal Any Jar,anytime
  • ✅ Seal your jars in a quick 30 seconds
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Up your food storage game with the iToolMax Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer and experience the benefits of lasting freshness, reduced waste and organized kitchen storage. Not only keeps your food looking its best but also saves money and time.

Ultimate Solution for Food Preservation!

Up your food storage game with the iToolMax Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer and experience the benefits of lasting freshness, reduced waste and organized kitchen storage. Not only keeps your food looking its best but also saves money and time.

Keep Food Fresh & Extend Shelf Life

Whether you want to store fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy products, or homemade jams, cider and coffee beans, this machine handles it with ease, keeping your food in top condition and extending its shelf life.

Electric Vacuum Pump, Free Your Hands

No longer need to press the manual vacuum pump with both hands ten or twenty times, no longer need to take out a bunch of accessory hoses and take out the vacuum machine, just press the button once and wait 30 seconds or more to complete the vacuum sealing.


The electric vacuum sealer works perfectly with 3.39-inch and 2.76-inch diameter mason jar openings, ensuring a secure, airtight seal no matter the jar size you choose. Besides,we put 5 wide-mouth and 5 regular-mouth lids for mason jars in the package as a gift for you.

Sealing Easily with a Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

Simply place the electric glass bottle vacuum sealer on top of the jar, press the one-touch button, and watch as it removes air, locking in flavor and nutrients.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel L.
Wife loves it ! WORKS GREAT!!

Vacuum sealing wheat berries in ball Mason jars
Gives them an excellent shelf life

Kim C.
Keeps coffee grounds fresh

I use this product to vacuum seal my coffee to keep its flavor. Simple to use and doesn't take up too much counter space. In the picture, the metal lid that comes with the canning jar is under the white lid (sold as replacement lids). Not the band, just the lid. I have used this every day since I got it and never had a problem. I know it works because I can hear the air getting in every morning when I open the jar to make coffee.

Ginger Moyles
Wish I had this earlier in my life

I love this- so fast and easy. I was skeptical before ordering, researched many and finally settled on this one as it was cordless- best decision over. Made my life much easier!


Works great, lasts a long time on a single charge. Great for food storage especially coffee beans. Wish it told you when it was done but you can figure it out easily after using it a couple times

Joyce G.
So convenient & EZ to use!

I much prefer this over an attachment to my Food Saver! This is convenient, super EZ to use, and rechargeable! No batteries to change, no electric cord to interfere while working, no muss, no fuss! Very legible digital display. I'm going to purchase some for gifts! Once you start using this, you'll think of so many things to put into mason jars, and put under vacuum! We have our different flours, nuts n seeds, chocolate chips, cacao powder, some fruits vacuumed & in the freezer, tea & coffee, even our powdered, brown & raw cane sugar supply!

Jeaniene S.
So easy & seals perfectly!

I’m so happy someone in a canning group recommended this mason jar vacuum sealer. I’ve been using it a few times a week to prep my juices, smoothies & soups. It’s so easy to use & has sealed perfectly ever time. I have severe neuropathy in my hands & didn’t have any problems putting it on the jar or taking it off. Highly recommend!

D. Payne
How did I live without this!

This is the best thing ever!! So much easier, quicker & less fuss than having to drag out the foodsaver & jar attachment. I can never keep up with the hose. You just charge, pop on you wide mouth or regular canning jar...... press the power button & you're vacuum sealing your jars!! I highly recommend!

Glass is better than plastic

My 1st Try. . .Plan to freeze this homemade cabbage soup. The direction wasn't clear, so I went to YouTube for a demonstration.
I think this is great. Will use it to store rice, oatmeal, flour, sugar etc in my Florida home while I'm up north during summers. The suction power was good.

julie lafavor
This vacuum sealer is awesome

It is all round perfect just put over your canning jar push button let it run for about 40 seconds your jar is sealed. Quick and simple