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Firewood Splitter Drill Bits

Firewood Splitter Drill Bits

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Wood splitting drill bit, your efficient wood cutting tool!

Do you spend too much time chopping wood? Do you find it difficult to cut thick wood? Are you looking for an easier way to cut wood and put less stress on your joints and body?

Then, by popular demand, our top rated firewood splitting drill is a must-have for every homeowner who enjoys chopping firewood for a day or chilly night, it's perfect for any occasion!

Save Time, Labor-Saving Hand Tool

Whether you are getting a bit older and don't have the strength you used to anymore or you simply want an easy way to finally cut through your firewood we have the perfect solution for you!

Our brand new Firewood Splitter Drill Bit will not only help you cut through firewood a lot easier & faster but it will also help prevent injuries that traditional axes & saws usually cause from the physical movements involved. 

3 Modes Drill Bits

32mm/1.26" and 42mm/1.65", available with different attachment hand drill rods: square shank, round shank and hex shank, compatible with most different drills or hammers.

The recommended power for 32mm drill bit is 850-1000 electric drill, and the recommended power for 42mm drill bit is 1000-1500 electric drill.

Any drill bit comes with square shank, round shank, and hexagonal shank models to meet all your needs.


This wood splitter hand tool works great for splitting oak, hickory, walnut and so much more. Firewood drill bits are developed after a long period of research and development. Let you get rid of the traditional long pain of felling trees. Effectively improve work efficiency and quickly separate wood.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Charlie Cox, Jr.

Firewood Splitter Drill Bits

Sarah Cameron
Works well

This bit has been working well for me.
Suggestions based on my experience of splitting 10-12 inch logs.
-Find a spot that will pin the log in place. I'm using a post and a stack of pallets with the log on the ground between them. Trying to hold the log by hand or use your foot is asking for bruises.
-Go slow at first. Set the bit and bump the drill trigger till the wood starts splitting.
-Set the 4-6 inches in from the end of the log. Preferably in an existing crack line. Splitting 1/3 of the way across the log has been working best for me. Trouble happens when I try to split the log in half the first time.

Surprisingly brilliant

I used the wording in the title as its acurate, the wood this had to drill into is insanely hard, and this did a great job, also because of the way this is comstructed i can see it will be fairly easy to sharpen.
Very happy customer.

John Berezoski
Works really well even on hard woods.

Split red oak with it, did really well, better hold on to the drill!


It really works its splits wood no problem and with a quickness! My kids (grown men) laughed when I showed them but then one went outside and tried it and loved it. Oh and I rarely write a review so…. You know it’s worth it!

Works great.

I really don’t understand why so many people are having problems using this. You can’t split an entire log with this, but that’s not what it’s for. I use this to break down already split logs in to small pieces to use to start my fires. I use this with my small Makita cordless drill and it works great.

j. diebert
Worth it

This product did exactly as advertised. Worked fantastically on dry wood and did okay on wet wood. So much faster and safer than a hatchet. My 8 year old actually did a bunch with ease. I will say the 1 piece construction of this is probably key to it working so well.

Jon H.
Great for making kindling

Not recommended for a smaller hand drill unless you only want to make kindling. Use a good impact drill for better results if you actually want to try to split a log.

Better alternative than non-welded nut version

Are you looking for a log splitter drill bit attachment but were turned off by all the negative reviews left on the other products that were stripping the nuts on the first use? Well I had the same hesitation until I stumbled across this version where they weld the nut completely so it’s 1 solid piece. I used it on some pressure treated cedar just to try it and it works as advertised. I have not tried it on anything larger yet but I update this review if anything happens.UPDATE: I used this piece on some maple logs between 6-10 inches last weekend and it worked great. You do have to keep the bit closer the edge to get an effective split but it works as advertised if used correctly. To those saying this doesn’t work or they hurt themselves trying, proper use and common sense will fix that.UPDATE #2: Used this bit the entire week splitting more bits of logs with ZERO issues. A high powered drill like my Milwaukee M18 makes short work of everything I’ve thrown at it. I’ve been purposely trying it in the thickest part of the wood to try to break it and I’ve still had no issues. Highly recommend this splitter.

Works great!

Was skeptical at first but it works great and is super easy to use. Like that it is welded one piece. That way you can reverse if it gets stuck. Adding it to my event camping kit.