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Rotary Edger Lawn Tool

Rotary Edger Lawn Tool

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  • Feature
  • ✅No more bending over to work
  • ✅Trim edges quickly and smoothly
  • ✅Sharp Double-Sided Blade
  • ✅Three adjustable heights
  • ✅Save time and effort
  • ✅Create a beautiful outdoor garden easily
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Effortlessly Mow Your Outdoor Lawn Edges🙌

Say goodbye to long hours of bending and squatting at work ,Beautify your garden With Ease!

iToolMax Rotary Edger Lawn Tool features a widened drum structure, sharp cutting head and extended steel pole to help you mow lawns around walkways, driveways and gardens efficiently.

Assembled in 2 minutes, it's your ideal solution for hassle-free edging.

Sharp Double-Sided Blade

Equipped with Sharp Double-Sided Blades and 2.9Inch Widened High-Quality Rubber Rollers, this edger can cut grass and weeds quickly and smoothly, saving most of your time and energy, and providing precise, clean edges for your lawn.

Adjustable Height Pole

No need to bend over and work anymore, Say goodbye to back pain. This edger can be adjusted to three heights of 39.37 inches, 53.14 inches, and 67.32 inches. You can adjust it to the appropriate height according to your height and different working scene needs, perfectly matching your tool usage habits.

Keep Edges Clean and Tidy

Our edger is lightweight and easy to use, making it easy to tackle overgrown garden problems, making it the perfect choice for creating an enviable outdoor space.

Wide Applications

It is not only suitable for edging lawns but can also be used for trimming overgrown areas around fences, driveways, and flower beds, providing a versatile solution for your gardening needs.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great tool

This tool did the job. Cut through my Florida grass easily. Easy to put together and the blade was very sharp. I would recommend it.

Jim Kurkoske

Thought it would be cheap, no offense looks it. NOT CHEAP, this thing is strong and well put together. I'm big dude and put some pressure on it. No issues, no stress, and handled perfect. Highly recommended.


I'm renting a house and never had to care for a lawn before. Got tired of paying for lawn care and decided to just do it myself! Bought this manual edger to get in a workout and to also clean up the lot.

The edger was easy to assemble, just had to screw the handle together and you're good to go in less than a minute. The edger is not too heavy and easier to maneuver.

Since it's manual, sometimes you have to use a little elbow grease, but I was able to clear the edges of the sidewalk in no time! I was shocked by how easy and satisfying it was to use this edger! Makes me kinda want to go edge the whole neighborhood lol

J. Z
Works Well + Good Workout

I tried this on my driveway and had more fun with it than I expected. Its just satisfying seeing the edges get so straight and even. I attached two pictures before and after. Its easy to use mostly, but its a workout (at least for me). Areas with more weeds such as corners were a bit difficult to clear, but I managed. Make sure you use it correctly. I saw one video here with a guy doing it the wrong way. Its one way cutting, so I was doing small lengths a few times to clear the grass/weed. Overall I like the product. It makes my driveway look more clean and organized.
Thank you

Great tool, the only power it requires is you

This is a great garden tool! I used it to edge by my driveway and sidewalk. It created a nice straight edge. I won't say it takes no effort to use this, but it takes considerably less than using an edging blade like I usually do. I've included a picture so you can see a comparison. I hate doing this part of lawn maintenance, so I'd put it off longer than I should have and had a lot of grass creeping over the driveway. If you used this fairly often before a lot of growth was coming up over the edge I think it would go quickly. I like that it's manual and not a power tool so I don't have to run a power cord. This is a really nice product- well made and quite useful.

***About me: Integrity is very important to me. Reviews I've posted will be from items I've had direct contact with. These are my honest opinions. I will not post a review for a product I have not had personal contact with.

Just like Grandma's!

I love this product. It's what people used before there were weedeaters.

Its made of sturdy, high quality materials and has an adjustable height.

I highly recommend.

Very manual

Easy to assemble. No tools needed. Make sure to tighten it up good. My edges werent that clean but it was quite overgrown. It takes some upper body strength the use the edger. The handle is very long so it is perfect for any height. This edger wont fail me like my electric and gas ones have. And I get a workout!

Christopher J.????
It works great!

Been debating over this or a gas edger and this thing works very well! It was surprising easy to edge my driveway that has hard packed sandy dirt.

Josh D. Anderson
This does take some muscle

I loved how lightweight and maneuverable it is. It does take some power in thicker edges to cut through but I went over the lines twice and it really worked great

You don't need an expensive edger with this product!

I have a smaller yard, probably 1/4 of an acre and very little edging that needs done. This tool fits our needs perfectly. The roller edge makes it easy to gilde along the sidewalk while you cut away those rogue strands of grass and weeds. I do worry about the plastic roller coming apart one day, but so far it has done us no trouble. So happy that we do not need to buy an expensive powertool to get nice clean edges in our yard and our HOA off our backs!