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24-In-1 Steam Mop

24-In-1 Steam Mop

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  • Feature
  • ✅ All-in-One Steamer Mop with 24 Attachments
  • ✅ 140° high temperature sterilization
  • ✅ 1300w High Power
  • ✅ Detachable Smart Water Tank
  • ✅ Lightweight & Portable Design
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Decontamination + sterilization + disinfection, all in one step

Are you still using an ordinary mop to mop the floor?
Do you still need additional disinfection and sterilization every time?

24-in1 Multifunctional steam cleaner, deep cleaning and sterilization, protecting the health of your family!

140° High Temperature, Efficient Sterilization and Mite Removal

High-temperature pure physical disinfection can easily penetrate stains. One machine can powerfully sterilize and remove mites, giving you peace of mind at all times!

Cleaning with One Mop, No Trace of Water Left

Say goodbye to the tedious process of wet mopping + dry mopping. Instant steam technology makes the steam ready in 25-30 seconds. Through 1300W high power and 3.5Bar/50PSI pressurized steam, it can instantly melt oil and clean. It protects your delicate floors from cracking or bubbling.

Versatile cleaning tasks

Whether it's floor cleaning, ironing, window washing or furniture cleaning, they can do the job.

Car Auto Steam Cleaning

Household Cleaning

Built-in Aromatherapy Box

The mop head can be packed into the aromatherapy bag to remove odors and improve air quality.

Product Information

Included Components: Metal Brushes *2, Nylon Brushes *2, Steam Mop with Detachable Steamer for Cleaning *1, Window Squeegee *1, Fabric Part *1 With Microfiber Bonnet *3, Thickened Steam Mop Pads *3, Fragrance Disc *2

Wattage:1300 watts

Item Weight:6 Pounds

SurfaceRecommendation: Hardwood Floor, Laminate Floor, Tabletop, Window, Stove, Grill and Grout and Tile

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30-Day Money-back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jennifer S.
Love this Steamer!

Super hot, Affordable, Affective. Great Gift!

Thank you for liking our products. iToolMax is committed to providing customers with quality products.

S christine
Love it!

I came across this looking at steam mops, in the spring I ended up with a couple compression fractures in my back ouch, so I was unable to carry my vac mop up the stairs was to heavy, so I thought I would try this because of how light it is suppose to be, and it is. This little light weight machine puts out lots of hot steam, and the unit head is thin enough to mop under the front of the refrigerator plus its also the exact width of the stair treads so I can steam mop those also. I haven't tried all the attachments yet, but I have no regrets buying this unit ,has been a great asset. The price didn't break the bank so if I get a year out of it I still wouldn't regret buying it.

Thank you for liking our products. iToolMax is committed to providing customers with quality products.

Buy this steamer it's amazing

Best purchase this year. I have purchased 3 other types of steamers this past year ranging from $60 to $300. Disappointed with all 3. I decided to order this steamer since it's capable of high heat steam temperature and honestly the price point was a factor. I'm beyond thrilled it cleaned my yucky grout. Let me remind people it's not a magic wand like any cleaner that is manual needs someone who will be willing to put in time and effort. I can tell you it works sister ordered one after seeing the amazing grout transformation.


It cleaned the grout on our tile floors Beyond what I would have imagined. Well worth the money.

fredy h.
Excelente producto

Muy bueno, deja cualquier superficie muy limpia si lo sabes usar correctamente.

Glenn Daniel
Easy to assemble and use

Worth buying. Simple and easy with extra attachments.

angie teasley
Heats up fast!!

Heats up fast, easy to use, has lots of great attachments! I love it! I use it for floors and surfaces!

Love this steam mop

Perfect steam mop!

Great for the price

I’ve had more expensive way more expensive steamers, and this one is so much better great value

Claudia L.
Love the ease and large surface coverage

Instead of floors I have been using it for furniture and bedspreads and other items