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UV Sanitizer Light with Ozone

UV Sanitizer Light with Ozone

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The ultimate UV & Ozone dual sterilization solution is here!

Bacteria and mites, as well as parasites from your pets, are everywhere, air pollution is getting worse, and harmful substances are harming our health and destroying our immunity at any time.
Now we have developed ultraviolet UVC + ozone O3 dual sterilization. Ozone can penetrate into dead areas and sterilize even without being exposed to light.

After one use, your home will have a fresh smell. Many homes with pets or children can benefit from UVO lights

Disinfect Anytime and Anywhere

iToolMax UV light sterilization lamp with ozone achieves 99.99% sterilization (kills 99.99% of germs) by targeting the DNA of microbes, damaging the DNA structure, and preventing their reproduction. It kills Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and works on any surface, and in air or water that is infected by these germs. This device provides sterilization and air purification for spaces under 430 square feet.


✅ Effective 99.99% disinfection
✅ 360° wide beam angle
✅ Safe, environmentally friendly disinfection
✅ Improve air quality
✅ Disinfect area up to 430 feet
✅ The radar sensor device detects the presence of someone in the room and shuts down immediately.
✅ 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Say goodbye to Germs

  • UV sterilization:It destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, causing the death of growing cells and regenerative cells
  • Ozone sterilization: Ozone destroys the structure of the microbial membrane with the oxidation of oxygen atoms, which can quickly penetrate into the bacteria, causing the death of bacteria

How to use?

It can be operated remotely through doors, walls, cabinets, etc. There is no limit on the angle, and you do not need to worry about being injured by ultraviolet radiation during operation.

Use method 1: panel operation Use method 2: remote operation.

1. Connect power and operate with either a single button on the unit itself or with the included remote

2. Select the disinfection time 15/30/60 min

3. Leave the space immediately; UV light will power on after 30 seconds beeping warning (If detects you are in the room ,it will keep beeping and not power on.)

4. Lamp has auto shut-off when time is up

Usage time suggestion:

Red indicator: 15 minutes for 108 square footage

Green indicator: 30 minutes for 215 square footage

White indicator: 60 minutes for 430 square footage

  • ATTENTION - Ultraviolet lamp will be light on after 30s beeping warning. Avoid long-term direct exposure, the process requires people/animals and plants to wait outside during the UVC light working. After completion, allow at least 60 minutes before humans or animals enter the room.

Applicable places&Usage

UV deodorizer air freshener for home,Eliminates germs and mold for all season,It can safely used in houes, as well as in hospitals, laboratories, malls, doctors offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and residential environments throughout the world - any big area place a concern for clean air exists.

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll like and use the iToolMax forever that we offer a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee on all orders. if the product arrives damaged or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival & receive a full refund,No hassle. You are protected by our guarantee. E-mail us and we’ll refund your payment soon.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Product works exactly as stated.

Item came well packaged, is lightweight and very easy to get started. Directions were simple and it actually does shut off if it senses a person nearby. Photo of it in use is my hand slipping inside the door ;).
Remote control came w batteries and is simple to use.
I cannot comment on germ or dust mite reduction at this point, only had it 2 days. However, having asthma and dust mites being a major allergen concern, I may he able to give better responses/clarification in a few weeks! If it does reduce mites, its well worth the money.
Brief 'heat' odor just after use, but dissipates quickly.

I'm happy with it

I can definitely feel the cleaner air. It's very sensitive to light and movement.

Frank Caldera
Amazing Product

We just moved out to the country and the dust mites were making us incredibly allergic to everything. Thankfully we tried this product, we leave it on at least 30min every other day in our bedroom and kitchen and its been working wonderfully! Very satisfied!

Very Effective!

I've used this light one time for disinfection & sterilization in the bathroom & kitchen one time & I notice a difference in odor reduction & disinfection of surfaces. Great product!

Worth the purchase

We have used this light in our basement after if flooded a bit because we worried about mold. We found a noticeable difference in the smell right away as it was less musty. We have also used it in the bedroom and I’ve noticed my allergies have lessened with this and moving our air cleaner into the room as well. I believe this product makes a difference!
It also senses when something is moving in the room and turns off immediately for safety reasons. In fact our ceiling fan has to be off for the light to turn on!
Love it.

J. Gans
What a cool tool

I use this in every room even the garage. It makes the house smells so clean and fresh.

John Knowles
Easy to use, and effective!

I use this product to keep my home sanitized. lightweight and easy to use. Recommend!

Great product for in home covid sanitation and mold desinfectant.

First of all I verifed UVC through a test card and it all check out as it should.

The unit does produce some ozone, you can smell it after running for at least 15 minutes. I definitely recommend to first airing the room before entering.

The motion sensor is extremely sensitive that it can be even triggered by someone walking in front of the door when closed!!! The gap between the floor and door is sufficient aperture for it to trigger. Overall I'd say is a good safety feature, but I recommend covering the gap with a towel dueing use.


I had to take the pic from another room to get the light while it was on and working since the sensor is really great to detect nearby movement. It will beep continuously until it detects no movement in the air. It's very lightweight and easy to use. Will be using this in all my rooms hoping to eradicate all allergens and viruses.

The Real Mark
Nice motion sensor feature

I like its auto-off motion sensor feature, which makes me feel safer with my kids and pets (or when I forget my keys), as well as the remote control.